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Jessica Burns I'm not an all-or-nothing kind of girl, I take pride in my baby steps. I'm not a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist, but I try to make sure that the majority of my meals are healthy and homemade. I still eat meat in moderation and usually only purchase chicken. I've yet to end my relationship with cheese and eggs and I don't intend to ever break up with butter. I love honey and coming from a family of third generation beekeepers I doubt that will ever change. I get excited when I discover a new recipe that's simple, healthy, tastes good and doesn't require the purchase of tofu. Sometimes I track my calories and sometimes I don't. I don't follow all the “health and fitness rules” because you can't, they change every day and newsflash....everyone is different!! I don't believe that being a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist is for everyone. But I do believe that we should all care a lot more about where our food comes from, how it's treated prior to processing and the methods by which it's processed. I'm a huge fan of D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) recipes. It's a pretty rewarding feeling when you learn how to make things from scratch, especially when they're affordable, natural and healthy. Some of the things that I make are; household cleaners, moisturizers, bug repellent, sunscreen, chapstick, bodywash, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, dog treats, sauces, salad dressings, protein bars and dryer balls. I'm intrigued by alternative health methods like; osteopathy, herbology, homeopathy, dry brushing, oil pulling, meditation, aromatherapy and essential oils. I love researching and learning and I always try to be open to new information even if it's contrary to what I think I already “know”. When it comes to working out I've been at it for years, so to prevent extreme boredom and plateaus I have to have diversity. Give me some weights, a suspension trainer or kettlebells and then I switch it up with yoga, intervals, HIIT, bodyweight workouts or just the good ole chin-up bar. I don't take a bunch of supplements to “pump me up”, I'll have a plant based protein smoothie please! I'm working on my flexibility, balance and perfecting inversions. In a former life I'd like to believe I was a gymnast and a super wicked dancer. Someday I swear I will finally enter a fitness competition and if I could meet any celebrity it would most definitely be Ellen. My boyfriend and I are avid fans of the outdoors; kayaking, backcountry camping, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing and swimming. We're also pro's at curling up and watching movies and documentaries when required! We're working towards our dream of building a tiny home, purchasing land and living completely off-grid, with greenhouses, gardens, cob ovens, treehouses and all! I believe that overall health and fitness can only be achieved and maintained through proper balance. A cohesive mixture of growth and change, both mentally and physically, with the realization that each individual is different. What works for one will not always work for another.

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How to Hire the Right Personal Trainer

Posted by Jessica Burns on Friday, August 31, 2012 Under: Personal Training


When hiring a personal trainer there are some key aspects you should look for before you hand over your cash. The most important component of overall health and wellness is by far nutrition, remember this rule its, 80% nutrition, 10% exercise, 10% genes. I'm sure you've all heard the saying "you are what you eat," but most don't realize just how true that is! Think of it this way in order to lose 1 lb you need to burn 3500 calories, so that would be the same as doing approximately 3-4 spin classes. Now if your daily meals consist of chemically processed food with minimal nutritional benefit your going to need to do alot of spin classes just to maintain your current weight, let alone lose weight! So tell me how are you gonna lose all that weight as you continue to stuff your face full of crap, and your trainer knows nothing about your nutritional regime? Sadly its very common for Personal Trainers to place very little importance on a clients nutritional intake. So what do you want? You want a trainer who tracks your nutrition, a trainer who gives you healthy suggestions, and recipes or even meal plans. Personally I have all my clients keep a food journal where they log all of their food and beverage intake, then we go over it together weekly to assess any difficulties they're having, and progressively implement changes.You can't out-train a bad diet!!!

When you think of someone whose a personal trainer, what do you picture? Probably someone with a fit physique....right? Which brings us to my next point, I strongly believe that a personal trainer should physically represent the postition. Now I'm not saying that every personal trainer should be completely ripped, however I feel they shouldn't be pot-bellied, chain smokers, that live off fast food and beer. I've worked in facilities where the trainers could only be recognized by their "Personal Trainers" t-shirt and not for their physique. Additionally keep in mind that there are trainers who are in the midst of achieving their own personal fitness goals, ie. say they've lost 100 lbs already but need to lose another 50 lbs, don't discredit these trainers thats still physical proof (depending on the methods used to lose the weight) that they know what they're doing.

The next one is pretty easy.....make sure they're certified!! Yup really!! If you read my post The Truth About Personal Training, you know that its completely legal for an un-certified individual to be actively training clients in a gym as long as they're either taking or are enrolled in an upcoming Personal Training Course. Now they still have to obtain their certification within a certain time period to continue training, but I still feel this is extremely unsafe, and unfair to the client. Would you want to pay regular personal training rates for an un-certified trainer?? I think not.... Did you know that when you purchase training sessions from a large franchised facility the price per session in most cases is reflective of the level of the trainer? The majority of Personal Trainers who work within a franchised facility must complete certain tasks in order to qualify for a pay raise, and higher level of training designation. So what this means is the higher the price per training session, the higher the level of the trainer. Therefore when you purchase the lower rate sessions your also purchasing a lower level of trainer technically speaking.(Remember I'm speaking of the larger franchised facilities, most studios or smaller gyms have a flat training rate per session which varies depending on the number of sessions purchased, not on the personal trainer hired.)  

Extra, Extra!!! Extras are a sure sign of a stellar trainer, they can be anything from delicious healthy food samples, to giving you weekly articles pertaining to your own personal health and fitness goals. They not only provide motivation and accountability but healthy recipes, cookbooks, and meal plans. How about offering unlimited email support for any questions or concerns you may have, or joining you for a supermarket shopping excursion to help with healthy meal choices.

So don't just hire a title, do your research and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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