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Jessica Burns I'm not an all-or-nothing kind of girl, I take pride in my baby steps. I'm not a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist, but I try to make sure that the majority of my meals are healthy and homemade. I still eat meat in moderation and usually only purchase chicken. I've yet to end my relationship with cheese and eggs and I don't intend to ever break up with butter. I love honey and coming from a family of third generation beekeepers I doubt that will ever change. I get excited when I discover a new recipe that's simple, healthy, tastes good and doesn't require the purchase of tofu. Sometimes I track my calories and sometimes I don't. I don't follow all the “health and fitness rules” because you can't, they change every day and newsflash....everyone is different!! I don't believe that being a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist is for everyone. But I do believe that we should all care a lot more about where our food comes from, how it's treated prior to processing and the methods by which it's processed. I'm a huge fan of D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) recipes. It's a pretty rewarding feeling when you learn how to make things from scratch, especially when they're affordable, natural and healthy. Some of the things that I make are; household cleaners, moisturizers, bug repellent, sunscreen, chapstick, bodywash, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, dog treats, sauces, salad dressings, protein bars and dryer balls. I'm intrigued by alternative health methods like; osteopathy, herbology, homeopathy, dry brushing, oil pulling, meditation, aromatherapy and essential oils. I love researching and learning and I always try to be open to new information even if it's contrary to what I think I already “know”. When it comes to working out I've been at it for years, so to prevent extreme boredom and plateaus I have to have diversity. Give me some weights, a suspension trainer or kettlebells and then I switch it up with yoga, intervals, HIIT, bodyweight workouts or just the good ole chin-up bar. I don't take a bunch of supplements to “pump me up”, I'll have a plant based protein smoothie please! I'm working on my flexibility, balance and perfecting inversions. In a former life I'd like to believe I was a gymnast and a super wicked dancer. Someday I swear I will finally enter a fitness competition and if I could meet any celebrity it would most definitely be Ellen. My boyfriend and I are avid fans of the outdoors; kayaking, backcountry camping, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing and swimming. We're also pro's at curling up and watching movies and documentaries when required! We're working towards our dream of building a tiny home, purchasing land and living completely off-grid, with greenhouses, gardens, cob ovens, treehouses and all! I believe that overall health and fitness can only be achieved and maintained through proper balance. A cohesive mixture of growth and change, both mentally and physically, with the realization that each individual is different. What works for one will not always work for another.

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U-RAAW Custom Health Foods Review

Posted by Jessica Burns on Thursday, July 3, 2014 Under: Reviews

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I'm a huge fan of D.I.Y - Do It Yourself! I find it absolutely thrilling when I find an affordable way to make my own products at home. I try not to get caught up in all the hype or taken in by all the latest and greatest health crazes and products, which can be so easy to do. I purchase organic produce and other products when I can, depending on what variety of produce it is or how much I use a specific product. I buy local as much as possible and try to support fellow small businesses, so when I was approached by the owners of U-RAAW to try out some of their products I was definitely intrigued.

U-RAAW is a new Custom Health Food company in Guelph Ontario, that offers an exciting twist to your average health food products. U-RAAW's products are certified organic, gluten-, soy-, and gmo-free and their ingredients lists consist of some of the healthiest superfoods available today. They offer their own smoothie mixtures, cereal, energy bars, trail mix and nut butter blends for purchase, as well as the ability to purchase individual superfoods and such. But here's the twist, customers have the option of choosing and designing their own ingredients for the products they purchase, such as Smoothie Mix, Cereal, Energy Bars and Trail Mix! You can even name your custom product whatever you'd like and it will ship to you labelled as so.

So far I've had the chance to test out making my own Energy Bars and Smoothie Mixture. The pricing will vary depending on the ingredients you choose if you decide to go with the custom made products, so its pretty simple to keep it within budget constraints. I really loved the bars I made which were loaded with superfoods like bee pollen, wheatgrass, maca, spirulina and more! Now the Smoothie Mixture I designed was good and a lot more affordable than products I've used in the past, however next time I'm hoping to add some extra chocolate to the mixture and make it a tad bit sweeter. So with that being said if you're new to using some of these raw ingredients it might be a better choice to start off with some of U-RAAW's own brand products until you have an idea of your tastes. I would highly recommend the Cookie Dough energy bar its totally delicious!

Some other tasty treats I've tried from U-RAAW are their Cereal and these divine Dark Chocolate Hazel Nuts, which I was surprised I enjoyed as much as I did, seeing as I don't normally even like dark chocolate.

In the end I would give U-RAAW two thumbs up; I love their business creativity from their packaging and website design, their healthy products and ingredients, the fact that they're local (at least for me), their pricing is on par if not better than other health foods and the versatility they create through being able to choose your own ingredients which also allows consumers to work within their own personal budget.

If you're interested in checking out some of their products or making your own, go to www.uraaw.ca!!! If you're one of my clients message me for details on how you can receive a discount on purchased products from U-RAAW!!!

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